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National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project

A Project administered by The Deer Initiative

Did you know?

  • that the toll of deer involved annually in vehicle collisions in the UK is estimated to lie between 42,000 to 74,000
  • such deer related RTAs result in over 450 human injuries and several human fatalities every year.
  • six main species of deer live wild in Britain with an estimated combined population of over 1.5 million head (POST 2009).

To HELP US  record and map UK deer road casualty hotspots and related accidents please Click Here to chose between alternative ways of doing so online .

We are currently especially keen to receive more information for WALES  where past research remains most limited .

With spread of Wild boar in the countryside traffic incidents with boar can now also be logged here.

Click here for latest Research Reports on DVCs in ENGLAND  and SCOTLAND

(updated 8 January 2020)

Use the links to find out more about the project, why it exists and how to contribute directly to this important study
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