OhDeer ! - FREE Smart Phone App to log deer road casualty locations

    • Anyone with an Android or Iphone type smart phone can use it.
    • And view data submitted by you and other members of the public to this Citizen Science project.
  • Welcome to OhDeer ! Helping to map deer road casualties throughout Britain via your Smart Phone.

    The six species of deer living wild in Britain are our largest terrestrial mammals, ranging from the majestic red deer , to smaller fallow, roe, sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer. The large rise over the past 40 years in road traffic volumes as well as numbers and distribution of deer has unfortunately led to deer casualties at roadsides becoming an increasingly common sight. The total number of deer-vehicle collisions in Britain is estimated to exceed 42,000 per year, but most are not actually recorded. Information you log using this citizen-science smart phone app will assist our research on numbers and locations of deer accident hotspots.

    To get involved download the FREE 'Epicollect' App (via Android or Iphone store), then simply load the OhDeer project as per instructions below - and Start contributing records to OhDeer road casualty and collision mapping !

    Loading the project into Epicollect is simple: See here for Android instructions or here for iPhone instructions .

    The Epicollect App initially installs with just a Demoproject loaded. By tapping the 'menu' or 'settings' button on your phone, it will then prompt you to 'load project'; there enter 'OhDeer' (spelled with Capitals for O and D).

    This App was only activated recently - so the database and associated Records Map where records can be viewed online may take a while to become 'populated' as more people start using this Phone App.

    The first time you log a record using your chosen web nickname, a brief email to the project would be appreciated for future reference in case of queries.

For any queries regarding the App please contact Jochen Langbein direct via Email or twitter @JoLangb.

  • Please do not use the APP whilst driving, unless a passenger can do entries for you.
  • This App may be particularly suitable for those attending to deer at the roadside for humane dispatch or collection, when most accurate GPS location are likely to be obtained. Similarly - Ecological surveyors may be particularly well placed to record any deer carcasses or deer remains they come across in road verge habitats, but records from all members of the public are most welcome.
  • Once GPS information is obtained, it does not matter if there is no phone network access at the location, as entries will be stored on the phone automatically and can be synchronised with the project web-site later when back in network or wifi range.
  • If driving whilst you spot a deer casualty it may be best to stop as near as possible IF and when it is safe & legal to do so, to obtain the most accurate location. Alternatively, if a passenger is able to obtain a GPS fix from within the car whilst driving, these data too can still be very useful for us; in which case a note in the comments field stating deer species and approximately how far further along the road (E/W/S/N) from the deer's location the GPS fix was obtained should be given.
  • When its not possible to use the app, you may wish to make a mental note of the location, and enter the record instead later on-line via our alternative web-based recording form.
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