Deer/Vehicle Collisions and Road Safety

A Workshop held in the New Forest, 9 July 2004, organised by The Deer Initiative in association with The Highways Agency :

A meeting was held recently in the New Forest to bring together forest managers, rangers, police and county road safety personnel to discuss the issue of deer collisions, and looked at various forms of mitigation. Site visits included under passes on the A31 and A337. It appeared from general observations that the fallow deer in the area were indeed using one of these as a regular crossing point on the road. Discussions took place throughout the day on the issues surrounding deer collisions, and it was agreed by most that there was a continued need for more information and research on the various methods of mitigation, and how this should be incorporated with more driver awareness and habitat management around the roadsides.

Click HERE to read a summary of the Notes from this workshop in PDF format.

Click HERE to view the presentation by Dr Jochen Langbein about the Deer Collisions Project in PDF format

Click HERE to view the presentation by Prof. Rory Putman about Deer Mitigation Methods in PDF format

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