Recent press releases and selected UK media stories on Deer-Vehicle Collisions:

05/10/2014 Top areas for reported Deer Vehicle Collisions announced. Press Release - Deer Initiative

1Nov2013: BBC Autumnwatch featured Deer Collisions and use existing bridges and underpasses by deer.
To view clip click right pane below:

photo Stuart Morrison

National and Local DVC press stories:

25/10/2013 SNH warn motorists warned  to watch out for deer as Clocks change (The Herald, Scotland)

15/10/2013 Two teenagers die in deer crash car fire on A10 in Ware (BBC_News_online)

26/04/2013 SNH warn "High risk of Deer in May" (SNH-Press releases)

17/12/2012 Deer Toll Alert for Drivers - Sussex (The Argus)

30/11/2012 Sharp rise in fatal road accidents involving animals The Telegraph

07/11/2012 Deer accidents focus for Cairngorms deer managers meeting (CNP_media)

29/10/2012 Motorcyclist dies after hitting deer on A923 near Angus (BBC News)

16/05/2012 Devon drivers warned over deer on roads (BBCnews)

04/05/2012 Cyclist badly hurt in deer crash (Diss Express)

03/05/2012 Deer brings Highbridge to standstill (

19/04/2012 Deer accident warning as Slough Man crashes (BBCnews)

17/10/2011 Why do deer cause more car crashes in autumn? (BBC news)

17/10/2011 Deer 'cause up to 74,000 road accidents a year (The Telegraph)

31/07/2011 Four fatal collisions between (motor)bikers and deer make July 2011 worst month on record in England,

including separate accidents in North Yorkshire , Berkshire , Norfolk , and East Yorkshire ).

03/09/2010 Press release - Highways Agency warns drivers about deer on roads (Highways Agency).

12/07/2010 Deadly deer: the problem is getting worse. (Daily Telegraph)

19/02/2010 Lorry hits deer sending it flying into traffic, Dorset (BBC news)

23/12/2009 Deer crash victim named, Hampshire (This is Hampshire)

13/11/2009 Tributes flood in for college head after fatal deer crash -East Sussex (Bexhill Observer)

16/04/2009 Award-winning advertising director killed in moped crash with deer (The Telegraph)

16/01/2009 CLA wants tougher controls as deer population booms (Farmers Guardian)

15/01/2009 Deer cull call follows crash rise (BBC news website)

12/01/2009'Freak' deer collision on A602 at Watton-at-Stone (Hertfordshire Mercury)

10/01/2009 As cute as Bambi, but deer pose road death time bomb The Scotsman

17/09/2008 Second Norfolk road user in a week to die in deer accident (Easterm Daily Press)

13/09/2008 Man dies in road accident on A11 (Easterm Daily Press)

16/07/2008 Deer blamed for crash that killed nurse (The Press & Journal, Aberdeen)

11/03/2008 Driver in death crash ‘swerved to avoid deer’ (Dorset Daily Echo)

05/03/2008 Car insurance warning: Wild animals (My Finances)

05/03/2008 Reducing Animal Road Kill (GMTV 5/3/2008)

05/03/2008 POST OFFICE® helps raise DVC awareness (Press release March'08)

03/01/2008 I'm so glad to be alive (Dorset Echo)

11/12/2007 Deer-on-Roads Seminar - Presentations now at DVC web-site (Ashridge Seminar)

12/12/2007 Tragedy after man hits deer ( Gazette & Herald)

20/11/2007 Deer collisions cost £21m in insurance claims (WhatCar?)

19/11/2007 Hampshire is deer accident blackspot ( Daily Echo)

01/11/2007 It's not just a case of deer misses on UK roads (Autonational Rescue - Press Release)

10/10/2007 Delay misery after deer crash on A419 (This is Wiltshire)

10/10/2007 Drivers urged to mind deer (This is Hertfordshire)

08/10/2007 Deer dangers on the rise (Dunstable Today)

09/10/2007 60,000 Deer hit by vehicles (The Cornishman)

06/10/2007 60,000 deer knocked down on roads each year (Politics today).

05/10/2007 RSPCA Press Release

28/09/2007 Avoid Bambi to stay alive (Daily Express

13/09/2007 Councillor in crash drama (The Comet

21/09/2007 Tragic mum calls for deer hotspot action (This is Gloucestershire)

13/07/2007 Concern growing over number of deer on north roads. Northern Times 

12/07/2007 Biker injured in smash with deer. The Argus

11/07/2007 More than 300 crashes caused by deer. The Argus

04/07/2007 Deer back at the roundabout :

14/05/2007 Press Release Gloucestershire County Council

02/04/2007 The Human Toll of Deer Invasion  - CotswoldLife,  April 2007 [pdf  0.8MB]

26/02/2007 Eight-year-old dies in A14 double fatal click

24/11/2006 My tears for animal roadkill By Emma  Parker Bowles The Sun.

28/11/2006 Plea after fatal crash with deer This is dorset

15/10/2006 Channel 4 features Deer Vehicle Collisions "Wild thing" web-site.

01/10/2006 Dangerous Deer (and deer whistles) Severn Advanced Motorists.

26/05/2006 Fatal Collision, A47 Postwick, Norwich , Norfolk Police click

26/10/2005 Noise alert keeps deer off roads

06/10/2005 Press Release: by Hertfordshire Highways :  A SOUND i-DEER

06/10/2005 Signs to cut deer deaths

25/10/2004 BBC Inside out : DEER CROSSING

07/10/2004 Press Release: RAC-Foundation : " Collisions Cost Deer "

07/10/2004 Project aims to cut deer deaths on Britain 's roads. The Guardian.

10/02/2003 Press Release - Deer Initiative launch Deer Vehicle Collisions Project



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